What We Believe

United Methodists have a long history of uniting personal spirituality with knowledge, informed by what has become known as the Wesley Quadrilateral.

John and Charles Wesley had their earliest roots in the Church of England, but came to the conclusion that it had become more of an expression of the establishment, than a reflection of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe in the four principles of the quadrilateral - Scripture, Tradition, Experience and Reason. Scripture is the cornerstone of spiritual life and is interpreted best when it is informed by tradition, experience and reason. These four beliefs are used by United Methodists to discern God's will.

We believe in diversity and are careful to listen and learn from one another.

We believe in a connectional church. United Methodists join together in many ways around the globe to meet the spiritual and temporal needs of the human family.

We believe personal spirituality and social action are two sides of the same coin. One without the other loses its true power to transform human conditions.

And, we believe in the Trinity (Creator, Son and Holy Spirit) as the full expression of God's activity in the world.

To explore these beliefs and much more, please join us for worship, Bible Study and fellowship, and experience God's love.